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The Quest Home Brewing Legacy

About 8 years ago I thought it would be fun to make my own beer. I hoped to have over a few friends for the game and to serve them fresh homebrewed beer along with grilled steaks.

I brewed up a batch and let it ferment in a bucket for 10 days, then siphoned it into a carboy for ten more days, then cleaned, sanitized and then added a precise amount of sugar to 60 bottles , then siphoned beer into each of them, and then capped them . I then let them sit (carbonate) for 6 more weeks.

After all that, I then spent another day opening, pouring down the drain all that "beer". A total failure, waste of time and money.

Trial number 2 ended when the glass carboy exploded when the airlock got plugged. The worst part was complaints that the whole house smelled bad from the mess.

I was extremely discouraged but thought there has got to be a better way.

As a biomedical engineer I then looked at the chemistry involved in the fermentation process and could not figure out why home brewers couldn't just ferment and carbonate at the same time.

I built a prototype with good results. I then made a product that made one gallon of beer , sold about 300 units with favorable reviews but found that 5 gallons made more sense.

This time I went to as many breweries as possible, contacted and spoke to all of the experts and developed a product that not only dramatically simplified the process but also sped up the process, making the absolute best homebrew possible.

The next hurdle was to make the product safe, reliable and simple to use.Well I think we are there, and to assure quality, every unit is fully tested before it ships.

The product drastically shortens the time, work and cost to make beer AND produces vastly superior results. Even the experts on home brewing - the Master Home brewers- are admitting OneDerBrew is revolutionizing the home brew process.

There simply is no easier, better, faster, or more foolproof way to make the best beer possible. There's no other, comparable product on the market. OneDerBrew is the perfect gift for the festive holiday and football season, and it's a must have for any man cave.

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